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By Ericka

Nov 04


For those who don’t follow along on our social media accounts, you might have missed our exciting update last weekend about our amazing friend Kristin Wint and her “Half for Hope“! After months of training for her first half-marathon and fundraising for Swaziland – we’re thrilled to report – SHE DID IT!!!!!!! ❤️👟🙌🏼 🎉 We were […] Read more...

Kids Helping Kids :: The Gearhart Girls

By Ericka

Apr 14


Here at The Sound of Hope, we believe that everyone can be a part of giving HOPE to children in need – no matter how old, or how young they are!  We really love it when kids get involved and realize that they can make a big difference (even when they’re still small). So we were thrilled when the […] Read more...

World Water Day

By Ericka

Mar 22


Today is “World Water Day”, and our hearts and minds have turned to Swaziland. This beautiful country is home to 141 children in our care, and right now they are facing their worst drought in history. Technically, Swaziland has been in a drought for around a decade, but 2015 was the worst on record. When we were […] Read more...

Education is HOPE!

By Ericka

Oct 06


Education is HOPE for children in need. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing as much funding as possible for the orphans and vulnerable children in our care. Here in Swaziland, we’ve been able to raise the funds to put every child at our carepoint who needed assistance in school for the past 4 years. Hundreds […] Read more...

Help us feed our kids in Africa!

By Ericka

Oct 02


At our carepoint in Swaziland, Africa more than 100 orphans and vulnerable children get a healthy, hot meal every day. They typically eat rice, as well as beans, and fresh vegetables when they are available. These meals are vital to the survival of many of these children, and we want to make sure they are […] Read more...

Our Community Garden is thriving!

By Ericka

Sep 30

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.27.53 PM

Three years ago, this garden in Nsoko, Swaziland was just a dream. Today, almost 50 families have a plot, and hundreds of people in this community are enjoying healthy vegetables in their diet. We’re so thrilled to see how this project is growing! Check out the video below for the full update! Anchor Center Garden […] Read more...

Welcome to Swaziland!

By Ericka

Sep 22

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.37.58 PM

Welcome to Swaziland! After 2 very long flights to South Africa, a 4 hour shuttle to Swaziland, a 1 hour taxi from Mbabane to Manzini, and a 1.5 hour car ride – we are finally in Nsoko, Swaziland where our carepoint is located. Check out this video for our first glimpse of the carepoint the […] Read more...

We’re on our way to Africa!

By Ericka

Sep 15


We have exciting news! Today we begin our long journey back to Swaziland, Africa to visit our carepoint in Nsoko. This is one of the most impoverished areas of Swaziland, and the carepoint is vital for the survival of the children in our care. We’ve been partnered with The Anchor Center there since 2010 and we have […] Read more...

Thank you “Project for Awesome”!

By Ericka

Jul 28


Today we have some fantastic news to share! You may remember the video competition we entered back in December called “Project For Awesome“. So many of our friends, donors, and supporters helped us out by voting – as well as tweeting and posting our link to encourage their friends to vote too! It was our […] Read more...

Christmas in Swaziland :: 2013

By Ericka

Oct 25


The vast majority of the precious children in Swaziland will not celebrate Christmas this year. 95% of them will not get a gift at all, or even eat a special meal on Christmas Day. When I think of how lavish our Christmas celebrations are in America, I’m appalled at the difference. Most families spend hundreds (or […] Read more...

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