Thailand is home to a thriving sex-industry, with estimates of over 2 million prostitutes working in Red Light Districts across the country. Thailand’s Health System Research Institute estimates that 40% of the prostitutes in Thailand are children. Often, children are kidnapped or sold into this form of modern-day slavery. In poverty stricken areas, children can be sold for as little as a bag of rice.

The poverty in the high-mountain villages of Northern Thailand puts children at risk for more than just human trafficking. In these under-developed areas, children can suffer from malnutrition, a lack of basic medical care, and physical and sexual abuse.


Nestled in the hills of Northern Thailand, sits a home for 8 beautiful little girls. BAAN CHOO JAI (The Helping Hearts Home) is a loving home for orphaned and vulnerable girls from the impoverished hill-tribe villages. This home has been a dream of the House Mom, Rapee, for almost 30 years. We began raising funds to open this home in 2011. The house was purchased and renovated in 2012, and in April of 2013 our first 8 children were welcomed in.

These little girls now have a safe, loving home. They are getting a quality education, and many of them are at the top of their class in school! The children are also learning sustainable life skills like farming, fishing, and raising livestock. They help care for pigs, chickens, two fish ponds, frog ponds, herbs and vegetable gardens on the property. We are thrilled to see them thriving in their new home!