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Asia Trip Wrap-Up

By Ericka

Nov 30

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We had an amazing time this Fall visiting all of our Children’s Homes in Asia! We traveled to 3 countries, 9 cities, and 5 Children’s Homes in 47 days. Whew! Just in case you missed part of our trip – here’s a full wrap up of our time in Thailand, Burma, and India! Asia Trip Wrap-Up […] Read more...

The Refuge – Fun Day!

By Ericka

Oct 13


On our last day at The Refuge Children’s Home, we decided to have a “Fun Day” with the kids. These children have had such difficult lives, and we just wanted to do something special for them. Thanks to donations from our generous donors, we were able to make a great memory with our boys and […] Read more...

The Asha Mission Children’s Home is FUNDED!

By Ericka

Nov 28


Since it’s Thanksgiving, it seemed like the perfect day to share some news we are very, very thankful for. In case you missed it in the title… The Asha Mission Children’s Home is FUNDED! We’ve been fundraising for this project since November 2011. The first step was raising money for land (which we introduced you […] Read more...

A difficult update…

By Ericka

Nov 20

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We have some difficult news to share with you about our Children’s Home in Thailand. The “House Dad”, Banya, has decided to leave his wife Rapee, the girls, and the home. We were heartbroken when we heard this news. Banya and Rapee have had a strong marriage for the last 30 years, and a very […] Read more...

Our Thailand Children’s Home is OPEN!

By Ericka

May 09


Our Thai partners, Banya and Rapee, have been dreaming of this day for almost 30 years. Our American partners The Wards (who live and work in Thailand), have been dreaming of this day for 12 years. Together, we have been dreaming of this day and working towards this day for over 2 years… and now, […] Read more...

Our first glimpse of The Promised Land Children’s Home! (video)

By Ericka Jackson

Dec 14

PLP feature

Those of you who follow our work know that we've been fundraising for The Promised Land Project since this January. You may have also heard the GREAT news that we announced on November 1st - a Children's Home has been purchased and is being prepared to take in kids! Well, last week we got our first glimpse of the new home, and as promised - we're sharing the video with all of you! Read more...

Promised Land Project Update :: We bought a Children’s Home!

By Ericka Jackson

Nov 01


We've been buzzing with excitement the past few weeks about everything that's been happening at The Sound of Hope. We recently posted an update about how your donations provided the medical care our girls in India needed, and then we shared about the new project we helped start in Swaziland. But we definitely saved the BEST update for last! Read more...