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World Water Day

By Ericka | March 22, 2016

Today is “World Water Day”, and our hearts and minds have turned to Swaziland. This beautiful country is home to 141 children in our care, and right now they are facing their worst drought in history.

Technically, Swaziland has been in a drought for around a decade, but 2015 was the worst on record. When we were there in October, the rivers were almost completely dry (something we’ve never seen in the 8 years we’ve been traveling to Swaziland). In a country where food is already scarce and many families do not have a reliable water source, this sight was incredibly concerning.

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Drought conditions have worsened significantly in the last few months. Swaziland is considered in a “state of national disaster” right now. There has been water rationing in the cities, and those in rural areas without wells are struggling immensely. Tens of thousands of animals have died. Just two weeks ago, 18 elephants were flown on a cargo plane from Swaziland to America. These animals have been relocated to US zoos for fear they would die of dehydration and starvation if left in Swaziland.

We are incredibly lucky that our carepoint has a wonderful well that is continuing to provide water for the children, staff, families nearby, and the community garden. However, while our garden provides healthy food to supplement the meals of 50 families, it is not enough to provide all the food the children at the carepoint need.


Because of the drought – crops are failing. Food prices are already climbing, with the expectation that they will rise by 100% or more in the coming months. We want to make sure that in the face of this crisis, the food supply to our carepoint (and also the surrounding carepoints) is never interrupted. The children depend on these meals to sustain them!

And so, as we celebrate “World Water Day” this year, we are praying for rain in Africa! As we hope and wait for this drought to end, we will continue to raise funding for food containers to be sent to Swaziland. If you’d like to help supply food for the children, simply click the donate button below. Every donation helps!

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