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Kids Helping Kids :: The Gearhart Girls

By Ericka

Apr 14


Here at The Sound of Hope, we believe that everyone can be a part of giving HOPE to children in need – no matter how old, or how young they are!  We really love it when kids get involved and realize that they can make a big difference (even when they’re still small). So we were thrilled when the […] Read more...

Education is HOPE!

By Ericka

Oct 06


Education is HOPE for children in need. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing as much funding as possible for the orphans and vulnerable children in our care. Here in Swaziland, we’ve been able to raise the funds to put every child at our carepoint who needed assistance in school for the past 4 years. Hundreds […] Read more...

VOTE for us @ Project for Awesome!

By Ericka

Dec 12


One upon a time (in 2007) some awesome people came up with an awesome idea to take over YouTube for one day with awesome videos talking about awesome charities – which is how the “Project for Awesome” was born! The past 2 years, thanks to the “Foundation to Decrease World Suck”, (no really – that’s […] Read more...

A Tax Day Challenge

By Ericka

Apr 15

Refuge kids school

The children we care for have a lot of needs, but we believe one of the most important things we can do is make sure they all get an education. School fees are expensive overseas, and many children never get an opportunity to attend. But we know that the gift of education can make all […] Read more...

School has started in Swaziland!

By Ericka

Jan 24


This incredible blog was shared recently by one of our partners in Nsoko, Swaziland, Erica Zeiler. Her words tell the story of WHY it is so important that we provide an education for impoverished Swazi children. I remember my first day of kindergarten in Colorado…standing outside in line waiting to go inside the classroom.  I […] Read more...