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Make Your Year-End Gift Count!

By Ericka

Dec 30


What an incredible year it has been for The Sound of Hope! We’ve accomplished so much together, thanks to our many generous donors who continue to invest in the lives of the kids in our care. Now we just have a few days left in 2017… but there’s still plenty of time to make a tax deductible […] Read more...

Christmas Around The World!

By Ericka

Jan 24


We want to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who donated to the Christmas needs we shared for the children in our care. Thanks to you, all of our kiddos in Thailand, Burma, Swaziland and India had a wonderful Christmas this year! Our house parents in each home emailed […] Read more...

The Wall Is Finished!

By Ericka

Dec 17


We spent the last two weeks of November in Thailand at The Refuge (our home for refugee kids from Burma), and Baan Choo Jai (our Girls’ Home in Northern Thailand). It was so great to be back with the children, and extremely exciting to see that the wall around the Girls’ Home is finally FINISHED! […] Read more...

Your VOTE could help us win THOUSANDS!

By Ericka

Dec 11


It’s that time of year again… time for the annual PROJECT FOR AWESOME video competition! [CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW!] For those who may have missed it last year – P4A is a video competition started by an AWESOME community on YouTube. On this weekend each year, people take over YouTube with awesome videos about awesome […] Read more...

Give the gift of Christmas to children in need!

By Ericka

Nov 27


We’re posting from Thailand today, where we’ve had an incredible 2 weeks with our sweet kids here! We can’t wait to share some photos and videos on our blog soon – but after hearing first hand what the children want for Christmas, we wanted to make sure to share this blog ASAP!  We hope you […] Read more...

Education is HOPE!

By Ericka

Oct 06


Education is HOPE for children in need. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing as much funding as possible for the orphans and vulnerable children in our care. Here in Swaziland, we’ve been able to raise the funds to put every child at our carepoint who needed assistance in school for the past 4 years. Hundreds […] Read more...

Happy 4th Birthday (to us!)

By Ericka

May 20


More than 200 children cared for in 4 countries More than $540,000 raised in 4 years… That’s something worth CELEBRATING!!!   Today is The Sound of Hope’s 4th birthday! It’s been an incredible 4 years, and today we want to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. We’ve established 2 new Children’s Homes, partnered with 5 homes and […] Read more...

One year later…

By Ericka

May 08


This week marks one year since The Promised Land Children’s Home opened. Today we’re celebrating a whole year of love, laughter, education, safety, and HOPE for these 8 little girls in Thailand! So much has changed since this home opened. The first few months were really focused on helping these girls adjust to their new […] Read more...

The Asha Mission Children’s Home is FUNDED!

By Ericka

Nov 28


Since it’s Thanksgiving, it seemed like the perfect day to share some news we are very, very thankful for. In case you missed it in the title… The Asha Mission Children’s Home is FUNDED! We’ve been fundraising for this project since November 2011. The first step was raising money for land (which we introduced you […] Read more...

The Refuge (an update)

By Ericka

Nov 25

Refuge move

Today we want to share an update from The Refuge – our children’s home for refugee children from Burma. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this home, it was originally established in a refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border. The children are all Karen refugees who came across the border to escape the […] Read more...

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