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Hellos and Goodbyes

By Ericka

Aug 16


This summer, we have had some bittersweet hellos and goodbyes. The past few months have seen some changes in our Thailand Girls Home that we need to update you all on. First, we had two new “hellos”. There are two precious little girls who have become a part of the Baan Choo Jai family. Please allow us […] Read more...

We’re headed to Thailand!

By Ericka

Nov 09


A few months ago, our House Mom in Thailand (Rapee) shared with us the wonderful news that she and the Groundskeeper (Rit Ti Ded) were engaged to be married! They have been so excited about their upcoming November wedding. She and the girls have been begging us to come to the wedding, but we knew we didn’t […] Read more...

The Great Wall of. . . Thailand!

By Ericka

Aug 25

The wall of concrete blocks.texture.  images stock  Texture and background Texture

If you follow us regularly, then you know about our Girls Home in Thailand, Baan Choo Jai (The Helping Hearts Home). Over the past 4 years, we’ve fundraised to buy land and a home, renovate the house, establish sustainability projects, and rescue 8 precious little girls out of some dangerous situations. All of these girls were […] Read more...

Update from Thailand: Emergency Surgery for one of our girls!

By Ericka

May 05


We got a disturbing phone call in the middle of the night last week, all the way from Thailand. Ganjana, our youngest girl at Baan Choo Jai (our Thailand Girls’ Home) had been admitted to the hospital. We were very worried. After 3 days of testing and a lot of pain, the doctors finally realized […] Read more...

Goodbye (for now) to our sweet girls!

By Ericka

Oct 23


Our hearts have been rung out today. It was our last day with our Thai girls at Baan Choo Jai, and we have felt every single emotion in a 15 hour time span. We love all of the kids we care for – but this Children’s Home is the only one we’ve ever started from the […] Read more...

Thailand Girls’ Home – Children’s Library

By Ericka

Oct 20

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.50.18 PM

Our 2nd Children’s Library is up and running at Baan Choo Jai (“Helping Hearts Home” – our Girls Home in Thailand)! When we arrived at this home, the House Mom told us there wasn’t even one children’s book in the entire house. Just wait until you see the girls faces when we showed them their […] Read more...

Meet our girls!

By Ericka

Oct 14

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.37.06 PM

We’ve been dreaming of this day for more than 3 years. On our first trip to Thailand – we began fundraising for this Girls Home. On our second trip, the house had been purchased, but it was under renovation. Since then, 8 little girls have been rescued out of some terrible situations and now call this […] Read more...